In the field of real estate sales, the first impression is often the right one. Either the buyer will be seduced from the first visit, or he will not be. To make the project a success, it is crucial to put all the chances on your side by selling the property at the right time.

When is the right time?

While it is not an obligation to make the sale of your home conditional on today's real estate situation, it is important to take into account the importance of the timing. If summer and spring represent a large number of sales, it is wise to start in winter. Thus, we do not find ourselves drowned in a hundred or even a thousand sales announcements. To be able to sell a property quickly and without the services of a real estate agency, it is also essential to carry out some repair and maintenance work. This is a step that offers more luck to the seller. This can be done by repainting the walls, lightening the decorations and cleaning the entire house.

Estimate the cost of sale at fair price

Valuing a property is not an easy process. This is even more complicated when you have spent many years there. Whether it is an apartment or a house, it is a difficult task that it is even necessary to ask for the help of a notary or a real estate agency. In order to give the right price to the property for sale in Paris 17, it is important to take into consideration the real estate market situation of the district or geographical area where the property in question is located. In addition, the sale must be made public in order to be completed quickly and efficiently. To better optimize the visibility of the sale, it is advisable to use many types of media such as the Internet platform for the publication of ads, flyers or presses.

 Take care of each visit to the property

One way to convince the buyer is to give him a warm welcome during the visit. In addition, choosing a simple interior design can increase the chance of selling the house successfully. In addition, a lightened ornamentation allows the future owner to add his personal touches during his move. A more simply decorated house seduces many more people than one that is too busy. Finally, at the time of the visit, the seller must ensure that the potential buyer feels at home while having the right to ask questions about the property or neighborhood.