If you entrust the sale of your property to an agency, it will take care of the writing of your classified ad itself. But if you opt for a sale between private individuals, this heavy task is yours! How to write a classified ad that will catch the eye of people looking for a property? How can you make them want to call you afterwards to find out more and visit your property? Simply by following our advice! If you want to sell your property and you want to have further more information, visit www.for-sale.com/.

Be specific

The ad is already made to describe your property very precisely. If you are satisfied with an ad such as "Sell T3 Paris 17th, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom", the potential buyer may remain a little hungry. And to move on to a more detailed announcement! Try to give as much information as possible about your property. The questions you must answer are:
  • What is the nature of the property? Apartment, house, duplex, loft, studio...?
  • What type of sale is being considered? If it is a life sale, for example, indicate this.
  • Where is the property located? Ideally, specify the city, but also the district or district.
  • How large is your home, and how many rooms is it made up of?
  • What is the energy class of your home? This information will be of great interest to buyers.
  • What are the specificities of housing? Attic space? Wine cellar? Garage? Terrace?
  • What price do you charge, and what is the amount of agency fees if any?
It is better to put your cards on the table so as not to waste time with buyers who do not have the necessary budget.

Add photos, plans and videos

To make your classified ad more attractive, you must then help the buyer to project himself. For that, nothing better than photos! You don't have to photograph all the rooms in your home from every angle, but the buyer will appreciate at least the following pictures:
  • Photo of the building seen from the outside
  • Photo of the kitchen and bathroom
  • Photo of the living room.
You can also add a plan of your home, which allows you to understand its configuration. Finally, you should know that videos are a very powerful support! They allow you to visit your apartment virtually, which is a real plus for the buyer. However, be careful with the quality of these visuals. If they are blurry, poorly framed, etc., they damage the image of your property.

Make people want to

You're here to sell, aren't you? Then go ahead! Without falling into the discourse of the "carpet merchant", do not hesitate to highlight your property. What are the assets of your home? To find them, try to characterize each of these parts. This will give for example: "equipped kitchen, independent WC, bathroom with bathtub, period fireplace, double garage, bright room", etc. Moreover, the strengths of your property are not limited to itself. A quiet or dynamic neighborhood, schools nearby and the presence of public transport downstairs are all qualities to be noted.

Take care of the writing

This advice can be divided into several parts, namely:
  • Check the spelling of your classified ad before publishing it. If it is full of mistakes, it will not be very attractive...
  • Do not write in capital letters, it is aggressive
If possible, avoid abbreviations. Your ad will be more readable and understandable by all. If it is distributed on the web, it also allows it to be better referenced by search engines and to appear more easily on the requests of Internet users.

Don't forget the information and contact details

Potential buyers will want to contact you to find out more about your property, and perhaps visit it. So don't forget your contact information! The ideal is to: Only offer a dedicated means of contact, to avoid dispersing you. The best is a telephone number, for direct contact. Report any constraints, such as "evening call only". This will prevent you from being unnecessarily disturbed at times when you cannot answer.


Thanks to these tips, you will be able to sell faster and better. If you have any doubts, have your classified ad reviewed by your family and ask them if it makes them want to buy a property of this type. Then rework your ad until it is unanimously approved!