Many homeowners dream of leaving their homes to live in a new home. There are many reasons for this decision. In this case, they must put the property up for sale. Today, it is quite possible to make the sale without using a real estate agency. This requires a few steps.

Publish an ad and set the sale price

The sale of housing without the intervention of a real estate agency is an economical and profitable solution despite many steps to be taken. The sale announcement must indicate all the characteristics of the house or apartment for sale. It is therefore necessary to specify the number of rooms, the surface area, furnished or empty, etc. Inserting a few images on the ad will certainly attract the attention of buyers. In order to find the right price, it is important to be well informed about other similar sales ads in the same area. From this, the cost of sale can be adjusted, while taking into account the state of the property and its geographical location. Another option for evaluating the price is to seek advice from a notary.

Organize visits

During the visits, you should try to show the major assets of the house in question. However, you must not exceed the limit otherwise the buyer will think it is an advertising sale. It is essential to give visitors the opportunity to say negative things about housing. During the visit to the house, the visitor requires some documents in order to be sure about the credibility of the property. This is quite normal, because it is a sale made by a private individual to a private individual. Thus, it is necessary to present property documents, load statements, maintenance logbook and any other diagnostic document.

Draft a compromise before signing a contract

For the drafting of a sales agreement, it is better to solicit a notary. And since this is a matter between private individuals, the notary agency fees are the responsibility of the seller. A compromise of sale is a definitive commitment between the two parties until the moment the deed of sale is signed. This is the last step in the sale of real estate without a real estate agency. Through this contract, the sale must be authenticated before a competent court such as the notary. Before drafting this document, both parties concerned must provide some files such as the deed of ownership, work authorizations, tax notices.