The sale of a real estate property requires that documents be gathered to prove its willingness to sell and its right as well as the possible disinterest of the organization that financed the purchase of the property.  Also, several mandatory diagnoses must be provided and performed.

Documents relating to the seller's situation

In order to carry out a real estate sale, whether it concerns a house or an apartment, several documents must be provided. As a selling owner, the responsibilities are incumbent upon you. Technical and legal subject information must be provided. Before considering the details of the rooms relating to the dwelling, it is necessary to start with the documents relating to its identity, more generally in the case of co-borrowers. He must present a document in conformity with the contract, a copy of the pact or marriage contract and a civil status form. For a transaction that is carried out by a company, therefore the company's identity documents are required.

Rooms related to the dwelling

When selling a home, you have to give up your property. The first paper to be exposed is then a title deed. It is a notarized deed that we signed at the time of purchase with a notary. In addition to this document, other papers must be included in the real estate transaction file. Invoices and technical diagnoses are to be taken into consideration. Namely that they vary according to the location of the house and the date of compliance. A copy of property tax notices must also be available. These documents confirm that you are the owner of the property. Moreover, the tax notice for the current year will be issued at the end of June. We then pay only half of this tax. In order to complete the file, references of the credit obtained for the purchase are also requested. This may seem surprising, because this information is required even if the credit is already being paid for.

The files to be submitted at the time of sale

When the file accompanying the sale is completed, the notary will compile the information to review the documents at the time of signing the final deed of sale after the compromise sale. At the time of the execution of this deed, there are other documents to be provided and strongly necessary. For example, this is the case with pool maintenance, heating or green space agreements, a reproduction of the latest invoices on energy and also to require and acquisition invoices for furniture accessories that are still under insurance. And finally, in order to validate the asset transaction with various organizations, meter invoices are also essential. More information can be obtained from an agency advisor to gather more information.