Inverness is known as the "Capital of the Highlands" and has a historic center and many shops, making it the ideal place to visit Loch Ness, the battlefield of Culloden, Fort George and much more.

What can you expect in Inverness?

With its spa hotels, 5-star guest rooms, camping or caravan sites, rental apartments, youth hostels and more, there is bound to be accommodation to suit your style, budget and number of people in Inverness. You can stay in the heart of the city with a view of the Ness River, or choose to relax in the suburbs by booking accommodation just a few steps from the center of Inverness. Need Wifi to organize your stay? Want to go with your dog? You will find accommodation in Inverness that offers these options, as well as many others such as swimming pools, open fireplaces and dedicated parking spaces. If you wish to know more information about properties to rent in Inverness, visit

Why choose inverness?

Located at the mouth of the Ness River on the south bank of the Moray Firth, Inverness is perfect for walking along the waterfront and admiring the wildlife. Inverness is an important connecting platform in the Highlands, so it is easy to get there by train, bus, and car or even by plane. The city is compact enough to be visited on foot or by bike, and has excellent local bus services, taxis and bike rental.

Bunchrew House Hotel in Inverness

This haunted castle is located in the northeast of Scotland, in the city of Inverness. The owners report on their stay that at night, the building can make all kinds of disturbing noises. Even if there is a good chance that it will be totally natural noises, they support the fact that it may be their old ghost Isobel, who is used to walking the corridors during the night.  She would be the wife of Kenneth, a former chief of the Mackenzie clan. You can also find her sitting at the restaurant table where she has her habits. For a ghostly dinner, stay in one of the rooms of this haunted hotel, starting at 110 euros per night.