Renting your property is a rather complex project and many people do not know where to start or how to proceed. Indeed, this implies several steps that must be respected if we want to successfully rent out the property. The goal is to rent it at the best price and to a serious tenant.

Choose the type of rental

First of all, the owner must ensure that the property in question complies with the standards: living space, ceiling height, number of rooms, etc. To start the project in Paris 17 - Ternes, it is necessary to choose the type of rental. The empty rental is very interesting in the case of apartment or studio rental or even long-term house rental. On the other hand, if the property is located in a tourist or student area, furnished rental is a good option. This involves a shorter lease. Seasonal rental is also a form of furnished rental with a maximum duration of 90 days renewable.

Evaluate the property

For the rental of a property, two possibilities are available to the owner: private individual to private individual or the use of a real estate agency. This service provider will be in charge of broadcasting the advertisement, organising visits, drafting the lease and, if the owner so wishes, he can recruit a tenant in Ternes. The success of the property rental project depends on the relevance of the announcement. On this subject, it is important to mention the number of rooms, the surface area of the dwelling, and the number of floors. It is imperative for the case of an apartment to specify which floor it is located on. It is also necessary to inform the tenant about the presence or not of a car park, whether the property is furnished or not. To set the rent and other charges, it is important to value your property while taking into account the rents of other similar dwellings.

Choose the tenant and sign the contract

In order to verify a tenant's financial situation, the landlord has the right to request certain documents. To make a good choice in terms of tenants, it is necessary to take into account their profile as well as their resources. In case the tenant is a student, it is preferable to require a guarantor. By default, the tenant can take out unpaid rent insurance. Finally, once the right tenant is chosen, it is enough to write and sign the lease of the rental and the inventory of fixtures. It should be noted that the lease must be drafted in accordance with the law.