Many individuals buy a new home and then rent it out on a seasonal basis. As a rental investment, it offers a number of advantages to the investor, particularly in financial terms. In addition, he can choose between different rental modes.

Seasonal rentals: what are the advantages?

Seasonal furnished rental is attracting more and more travellers. Whether it is a second or main residence, it is very convenient for the tenant, compared to renting an apartment or studio. The principle of seasonal rental is to make available to tenants their main or secondary residence during the high season while reserving the possibility of occupying it the rest of the time. For a principal residence, the advantage lies in obtaining an additional income that will make it possible, for example, to repay loans, pay property taxes and charges. For a second home, this type of rental makes it possible to earn enough to pay the maintenance costs for the property. In addition, maintenance costs will be reduced as the occupancy of the house limits the accumulation of dust.

How to rent in seasonal season?

At the moment, the demand for holiday accommodation is constantly increasing. Many tourists prefer seasonal rentals rather than hotel reservations. There are many reasons for this choice: the desire to live as if at home, in search of authenticity or even cheaper. Seasonal rentals can be made from one private individual to another. In addition, the use of a real estate agency is also a good option. For this project, it is often necessary to advertise on reliable platforms on the Internet while indicating all the information concerning the property in question, then to choose a good tenant and sign the lease. It is therefore essential to enhance the value of the property.

Seasonal rental: the possible terms

In this area, the owner can rent the property according to the duration. As its name suggests, a seasonal rental involves a shorter rental period, of a few days or during the holidays. However, it is quite possible to rent the accommodation for a longer period of time. It is important to know that seasonal rentals are furnished rentals with a maximum lease term of 90 days. This project involves many obligations, including the communication of the characteristics of the place and the prohibition of unfair terms.