Real estate agencies

Which real estate positions are on the rise?

Have you always been passionate about real estate? Do you want to find a job in real estate? You’re doing the right thing! Investments in stone are still as numerous as ever. Individuals are embarking on the realization of their…

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Real estate agencies: what is their role?

Sale of real estate, purchase of real estate or rental…. The real estate agency is a key intermediary in the real estate market. Here is its scope of action. Real estate agencies aim to connect people who are looking for…

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Hire a rental manager to monitor your investment!

A rental management system defines the steps that the landlord must take when the tenant arrives on the premises. In other words, it is the daily management of all the things related to the rental to ensure its smooth running….

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Why trust a real estate network?

Working in a new city, entering a university far from your parents, starting a family, simply changing homes…, there are many reasons for households to buy, rent or sell a property. Some try, by their own means, to find the…

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Why to buy a property through a real estate agency?

When deciding to acquire a property, the question of choice often arises between going through a real estate agency and doing it from one private individual to another. Buying real estate is not a simple matter, which means that a…

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