Have you always been passionate about real estate? Do you want to find a job in real estate? You're doing the right thing! Investments in stone are still as numerous as ever. Individuals are embarking on the realization of their project, which has been dormant for a long time, because the real estate credit context is particularly advantageous at the moment. The real estate professions are therefore not yet suffering from the crisis.

The real estate agent

The first job that comes to mind is of course the real estate agent. It is a profession that has become more and more democratic in recent years. It is a service provider who can work independently or in an agency. Its role is to act as an intermediary between selling owners and potential buyers. All real estate agents must have a professional card. His role is to negotiate prices on behalf of buyers, in addition to conducting site visits. He will also draft contracts and register them. In other words, it is an undeniable ally in facilitating and accelerating real estate transactions.

The real estate agent

In France, the real estate agent is also starting to gain momentum. There are only a few hundred of them in the country today. You will therefore have less difficulty in finding a place for yourself. Like real estate agents, you must officially register to practice as a real estate agent. You must also subscribe to a whole panel of insurance. But there are some differences between a real estate agent and a traditional agent. First, the agent will undoubtedly work independently. In addition, it will be more in the buyers' pay. They will be paid their commission by his clients. As it offers ultra-personalized services, the services of an agent will be more expensive.

The real estate negotiator

As the name suggests, the real estate negotiator is mainly involved in the sale and purchase of houses or apartments or any other property. It is an intermediary between potential buyers and sellers. Its objective: to have the property at the best prices. To do this, it does not only base discussions on the owners' net selling proposals. He will visit the property beforehand to estimate the price of the property. A real estate trader can be useful for individuals who are investing in real estate on their own. This type of service provider is not necessarily attached to a specific agency. Nevertheless, he has a keen sense of negotiation. He will be able to find the right arguments to lower the selling price or the rental cost of a property.

The head of a real estate agency

The head of a real estate agency is one of the most important positions in the real estate field. Each broker can hope to reach this position in their career plan. Like any manager, he or she will no longer have to go to the field as frequently. However, he will follow up on all transactions made by his team. He also manages client announcements and is in charge of compiling their administrative and financial files. In addition to having rigor and an optimal sense of negotiation, an agency manager must have a minimum of 3 years of higher education in real estate professions.

The co-ownership manager

Investing in condominiums has also been very popular in recent years. And to facilitate the administration of these assets, some individuals use what is commonly referred to on the market as "the condominium manager". Unlike other real estate professions, this position is a little more complex and involves heavy responsibilities. You are no longer involved in real estate negotiations and transactions. You literally administer the common parts of a property. You will be responsible for the smooth running of the building, both financially and administratively, and even for the practical side of the matter. At least a real estate degree or a BTS in real estate will be required to qualify for this type of employment.

The rental manager

With the proliferation of rental investments, the rental manager is also making room for himself in the sun these days. The latter is in charge of the technical and financial administration of the leased property. This can be the prospecting of these properties or the collection of unpaid rents. He also takes care of the maintenance of the property, in exchange for a commission based on the rental price. A rental manager will necessarily have 5 years of higher education in real estate law or real estate engineering. He can work in an agency or as a freelancer.

The real estate consultant

The real estate advisor often works in collaboration with the real estate negotiator. As its name suggests, its mission is to assist buyers in finding the best investments according to their budget and requirements. He is involved in the purchase and sale of private residences and professional premises. He will be in charge of estimating the property in question. He will also guide his clients in the establishment of the various legal and tax procedures. To do this, you need a baccalaureate+2 in commerce and some experience in the real estate world.

The real estate expert

The real estate expert is attached to an agency or can also work as an independent. It is a must in all real estate transactions. It can be a sale or a rental. He is also the first expert that owners call upon before proposing their property. It helps in the estimation of the market value of real estate. He must have some knowledge of the market and use different research tools to do this. These include consulting the cadasters of the property in question and using various real estate diagnostic equipment, etc. He even goes so far as to analyze the soil for the sale or lease of a plot of land. He is an expert with a sense of rigor and observation. He or she must also have a baccalaureate+5 degree in law or in the real estate professions.

The real estate lawyer

He is a negotiator, broker and real estate advisor who puts all his legal and technical knowledge in real estate law at the service of his clients to protect their rights. An expert in legal and judicial procedures, he facilitates transactions and speeds things up. To be a lawyer, however, you will have to go through several years of study. The real estate lawyer must have at least a baccalaureate+5 with a specialization in real estate law.

The real estate developer

Finally, another interesting job would also be the real estate developer. It is the one who buys land to make a large construction in order to resell with profits to individuals. To take advantage of its activity, it will have to carry out several calls for tenders and know how to choose the right investments. It is a very technical profession that requires a minimum of a Master 2 in real estate.