Enjoy a dense, friendly city, a beautiful old town, with shops and reminders of Roman or medieval times The first time you see the wall of the Roman city that surrounds the city, and the ironwork of the East-gate Clock Tower, you will be amazed. By living in this unique and charming city in the north-west of England, you will be accustomed to seeing this type of historic sites. Roman ruins, Tudor-era listed heritage buildings with shops, bars and restaurants, Victorian gardens, proud statues and a remarkable Cathedral will all be part of your daily life in Chester.

Student accommodation in Chester

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Take a tour in Chester

Not only are the historic buildings catchy, the city is also flooded with green spaces. Take a dose of open space at the foot of the Dee River, which runs along the southern edge of the city, or board a boat and explore the water alongside mallards, grebes and swans. There are miles of canals along which you can cycle or jog, as well as meadows. You will easily find a quiet place to study or have a picnic. Shopping is always a pleasure in Chester, where you can walk along the cobbled streets between the chains and shops on the main street. Everything you need is within the city limits so it's easy to go from store to store to buy your supplies. When you need to eat something, find a table and watch people pass by. After a long week of studying, go out for the evening with friends. Sit and chat over a pint in a traditional northern pub, or share a pitcher of sangria and delicious tapas in El Gato Negro, one of the many excellent places to eat out.