The capital of Wales is an increasingly popular option among expatriates, whether they move to Cardiff for work or simply to enjoy all the benefits of living in the country's largest city. In Cardiff, you can enjoy everything that life in a big city has to offer, while being surrounded by the famous Welsh countryside, where you can easily make excursions from the city. There are many job opportunities in Cardiff for workers with experience in a variety of fields. It is a large shopping center with opportunities in the media, tourism, industry and cultural organizations, to name a few. It is also a good option for students, with Cardiff University in the city center representing the country as the only Welsh university listed in the Russell Group; a list of the 24 best universities in the UK. Cardiff students also enjoy a lively nightlife with many bars and clubs to choose from among the many student evenings in the city. When you are looking to move to a major UK city, London may be your first idea. However, when you realize that apartments in Cardiff cost on average almost half the price of those in London, you may soon change your mind. Of course, this is not the only reason to choose Cardiff, but the availability of affordable apartments for rent in Cardiff is certainly an advantage. You can save even more money by looking for rooms to rent, Cardiff having many of these apartments available for sharing. If you want to have more information about apartments for rent in Cardiff, visit

Student accommodation in Cardiff

Between Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales, Cardiff hosts thousands of students, and all are looking for affordable and friendly housing in the city. Cardiff University is located just outside the city center; so many students choose to stay in the city center because of the proximity of their classes and the party scene in the city. But, downtown accommodation can be expensive, so an area just north of the campus called Cathays is a popular choice. These are mainly semi-detached houses that are rented to students at affordable prices. It is close to the campus, offers a wide choice of pubs and is located quite close to the city center. Other popular student neighborhoods in Cardiff include Roath, a slightly quieter neighborhood for students who want to calm down, and Heath, because of its proximity to the university's Heath Park campus. Student apartments in Cardiff offer a comfortable life at affordable prices, whether you want to share with your classmates or if you have the budget to live alone. Finding a single room to rent is another popular option for students living on a limited budget.