Indeed, a glance at the scales she uses but also at the opinions of previous customers allows you to quickly and easily consolidate your choice in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Looking for an apartment to rent, or renting a house, can be a real obstacle course.

Why use a real estate agency to rent?

There are two ways to rent your apartment: either you take care of the formalities, alone, or you use a real estate agency. Beyond the simple search for a tenant, the services offered by real estate agencies can also extend throughout the duration of the rental contract. We also talk about rental management, which is one of the tasks that a real estate agent takes on. It refers to all the activities that consist in managing a leased property on a daily basis. The tasks carried out by the real estate agent include finding solvent tenants, drafting the lease, carrying out an inventory of fixtures, collecting rents and rental charges, re-launching tenants in the event of non-payment, reviewing the rent and managing maintenance or renovation work.

Prepare your rental file properly

For agency rentals, there are several files submitted per property for rent, the competition between candidates for rent is fierce. What differentiates them is their record. That is why it is important to prepare it carefully. All rental files must be complete. It must comply with what has been requested by the agency or owner. The law clearly establishes the documents that can be requested from tenants by landlords. Adding documents that reassure the owner about your creditworthiness and seriousness can only help you.

Add a letter of commitment for each guarantor

The letter of commitment from the person who agrees to act as a guarantor for you can work in your favor. Do not forget to specify the type of surety chosen: simple (the owner must take legal action to compel the surety to pay) or joint and several (the surety undertakes to pay without judicial intervention). On the form, remember to write a cover page for your file. It should summarize your file and make you want to. Adding a short presentation text with the proposed rental period can be a plus, it should be kept in mind that the choice is subjective.