Real estate appraisal

How to estimate the value of a property?

The real estate valuation is the evaluation of the price, either of a bare or building plot or of a house that is for sale. Estimating the value of the goods makes it possible to find a price balance that…

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What are the procedures of a real estate negotiation?

In commercial real estate, real estate transactions are sometimes the subject of lengthy negotiations. To unblock a situation, it is possible to identify a negotiating lever and thus reach an agreement that satisfies both parties. To rent the commercial space…

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Expert witness buying real estate: is it a reasonable investment or wasted money?

A house or an apartment is on your shortlist. The first and perhaps also the second inspection lie behind you, it goes thus on the home straight to the final purchase decision. Now perhaps the question arises whether you should…

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Why should you have your property appraised?

As part of a real estate sale transaction, it is a priority for the selling owners to estimate the real estate sale price. In a broader concept, this process confers on them the value of the property to be sold….

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Evaluate the price of a property in Paris 17 – Ternes

Not everyone has the necessary skills to assess their housing. If generally, we often prefer to use professionals, a few tips are crucial to estimate the price of your home. Why evaluate the price of housing? Apart from the real…

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How to estimate a property for free?

A free real estate appraisal can be done online. To be able to make a precise and reliable estimate of a property, a real estate agency can calculate every month, the value per m² of your house or building, and…

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