A free real estate appraisal can be done online. To be able to make a precise and reliable estimate of a property, a real estate agency can calculate every month, the value per m² of your house or building, and then adjust the price according to the characteristics of the property

Free estimate: methodology and operating principles

Each property being unique, the price per square meter varies from one address to another, including on the same street. This is why we have created the Price Map, which allows you to know our estimate of the price / m² for each address. These price estimates are calculated on the basis of historical sales at each address. The scientific team of the agency develops a unique know-how allowing updating the value of past transactions to establish an estimate of the price per m² today.

Online real estate appraisal tool

Of course, the price per square meter is not the same for each house, or between the ground floor and the top floor of your building. The online tool allows you to estimate the value of your apartment or house by adjusting the price per square meter at your address up or down, based on its characteristics (floor, number of rooms, surface area). You can get your free real estate estimate in less than a minute. As we rely on an estimate of the price / m² specific to each address, questions are asked about your property; indeed, the price per m² of each address already includes the main characteristics of your house or building. Result: you get a very accurate estimate of the value of your apartment or house in just a few clicks. To sell, you can obtain in a few clicks a pre-estimate of your property, calculate the amount of your capital gains tax on the sale or ask your real estate agency for an estimate.

Estimate your property online: the limits

The best online real estate appraisal tool cannot replace the advice of experienced professionals coming to your home to estimate your house or apartment. When you entrust your sale to a professional, the value of your property is determined with you after a visit to the property by the real estate agencies you have selected. What is the secret of an effective sale? It is a professional advertisement, a responsive team, a beautiful photo of a professional who will best highlight your property. In 48 hours, the ad is created, and will be placed on about twenty sites.