Investing in stone is the safest and most profitable solution. With the fall in real estate loans, you have more investment opportunities at a lower cost. Nowadays, real estate investments can be divided into several types. All that remains is to find the investment you need in this Capernaum of choice.

Buying to become a homeowner: classic, but effective

When we talk about real estate investment, we usually mean "home ownership".  This is one of the most classic approaches. But it has the advantage of being safe and easy. It is also within the reach of young people. The advantages of being a homeowner Being a landlord will at least have the merit of freeing you from the exorbitant lease contracts and rents practiced by some landlords. You will reduce monthly expenses and optimize your purchasing power. In addition, having your own real estate assets opens the door to more banking services. For example, for your next loan, you could choose a mortgage. This will allow you to negotiate a better rate for your credit agreement. Under the Property Act, as an owner, you have the right to use and abuse your assets as you see fit. You can lend it, rent it, live there, work there, etc. All this is without being accountable to anyone. A specific credit for new owners For those who are new to home ownership, there is a specific credit for you, offered by banks. This is the "first access" loan. A lowered rate, monthly payments appropriate for low incomes: this banking service is mainly aimed at young people and even without contributions. To qualify, you simply need to fill out an online form and send the supporting documents via a brokerage agency. Of course, we are talking about residence certificates, pay slips and the promise to sell, etc. Choose the right property Choosing the right property to buy is easier when you invest for yourself. This is not the case if you plan to rent it out. The selection criteria will be given to you later. Nevertheless, regardless of the objective of the investment, you must compare all offers carefully to hope to find the best investment to make or get closer to professionals such as real estate brokers, real estate agencies, etc... You can get closer to the site for information on seasonal rental. It should also be noted that the price per m2 varies from one region to another in France. Paris, for example, no longer really attracts investors because of the growing tension in the real estate bubble.

Rental investments: what are the advantages and how to proceed?

In the list of the best real estate investments to make, rental investments prevail. Many seniors, 30-year-olds and even younger borrowers have been tempted by this kind of opportunity. Quick benefits As its name suggests, rental investments consist in buying a property that you are going to rent. The benefits are obvious. You will be able to receive monthly rents. This is faster than letting your investment sleep to hope for a capital gain on resale. But be careful, if you want to start this kind of real estate investment, know that not all properties are profitable. It is necessary to find a modern and comfortable building, taking advantage of all the necessary infrastructures in order to guarantee the comfort of future tenants. Tax relief schemes The financial benefits of rental investments are all the more important as they benefit from several taxes relief schemes. Supported by the authorities in place, in order to alleviate the housing crisis in France, rental investments entitle you to a reduction of your shareholdings by nearly 30,000 euros over 9 years. To find out if a particular property is eligible, there are free questionnaires to be completed on certain dedicated platforms. Once the 9-year period has expired, you can recover your property: use it for your personal needs or continue renting it out. But be careful, you can no longer claim a tax reduction in the second case.