As part of a real estate sale transaction, it is a priority for the selling owners to estimate the real estate sale price. In a broader concept, this process confers on them the value of the property to be sold. The core of this approach is to assess the real value of housing in the market. It is a tool that gives you an idea of the market value of the residence or the price at which the property will be offered on the market.

 Differentiate between valuation and real estate expertise

Estimating the real value of the apartment or house for sale is a sales guarantee tool. It makes it possible to set a coherent price to encourage the sale of the property under more favorable conditions and in the shortest possible time, it is the valuation or real estate expertise. On the other hand, real estate appraisals aim to determine the market value of the property. This makes it possible to assess the inherent rights in the event of succession. The determination of this price also takes into account several detailed criteria such as the financial, legal and technical plan of the property to be sold.

When to make a real estate valuation?

The valuation of a real estate property can be based on several situations. This procedure may be adopted as community liquidation, during a succession of property, or as an expropriation.

Estimation of a property: the essential points to consider

The internal aspects of housing are an element that influences the estimation of the selling price of real estate.   In real estate jargon, this process involves assessing the intrinsic values of the home. In this respect, it is important for the selling owner to be precise about the nature of the property to be sold, whether it is a commercial space, a studio, or an apartment, while insisting on the surface area of each of the living rooms expressed in m², the number of floors should be mentioned. The status of the common areas must be specified. In this respect, it is important to note the dilapidated state of the building, the presence of stairs or elevators, etc. Its accessibility from the city center is also worth noting. Details on the work to be done should be indicated since this has an incident on the resale guarantee of the property. In short, the diagnosis of the property is essential.