Are you looking to rent offices? There are some things to consider before making your choice. Here is a list of 5 criteria not to be overlooked. And, if you are interested in having more information about properties rental, visit

Accessibility for your employees

Do you know how your employees get to work? How long does it take them? If you do not know, do an internal survey to find out which mode of transport is preferred by each of your employees. Indeed, the means and time of transport for the home-work journey have become essential concerns in companies. So, before renting offices, when you study different locations, take into account your employees' means of travel. If a large part of your team uses public transport, make sure that your office is easily accessible, especially over the last kilometer (the distance between your office and the bus / tram / train / metro station). Companies where employees come by car or bicycle will instead assess the availability of parking. If you want to know and optimize your employees' commute by public transport and car, ask for your My Employees study.

The environment

The proximity of your offices to parks, restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, dry cleaners, salons or daycare centers is important for your employees. The outdoor environment of your offices allows you to maintain a balance between professional and personal life.  Choosing a location with a rich environment adapted to your employees will improve their quality of life and their attachment to the company.

The neighborhoods

As when you are looking for a home, the quality of the neighborhood is a factor not to be neglected.  Your future neighbors can potentially be your future customers or potential partners.  By setting up in a district or business area with several players in your field of activity, you will facilitate your future B2B exchanges.

Common areas

Common areas are not, at first glance, a priority when you are looking to rent offices.  Yet it is important to pay attention to it.  Carefully evaluate the common spaces to which your company will have access.  Think of the toilets, lounges, reception, sports halls, rest room and inter-company restaurant.  Take the time to visit these spaces and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages.

Renting offices with safety and security in mind

It is important to know how easy it is to enter an office building for a person with bad intentions.  Fire safety is also a criterion not to be neglected.  Ask the real estate professional in charge of your research what types of systems are in place, when they were installed or overhauled.