Real estate is and will always be a sure bet. Especially since recently, home loans have become more accessible for all households. But to maximize the return on your investment, you still have to choose your investments carefully. And it seems that the latter option is more advantageous than the others. In addition, there are even more opportunities for profitability. Owners can rent, offer commercial leases, or simply resell their property. In recent years, the tax system for real estate investment has continued to increase. We can see that finding decent housing without paying a high price is quite difficult. More and more households are now opting for construction for the purpose of resale, to the delight of entrepreneurs.

Lower construction costs

The cost of building a house is less expensive than buying a turnkey house. While buying a home can be faster, the first option has more interesting advantages. In France, for example, the average price for a building plot is 140€ per m2, while the average price for a house is 1 850€ per m2 and 3 300€ for an apartment. It all depends on the regions in which you invest. In cities such as Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon and the entire Mediterranean coast between Monaco and Montpellier, the average price is €3,700 per m2 for a house, while for the rest of France; it will be €1,800 per m2. Once you have acquired your building land, there is now the lab our costs, the purchase of materials, and the rental of construction tools. Indeed, by comparing prices, you may quickly become discouraged. And for good reason, some companies will ask you several tens of thousands of euros for the realization of your project in its entirety! Do not hesitate to negotiate the prices related to materials, many craftsmen benefit from a discount (about 30%) so you will not have to give up!

A possibility to customize the shape of your house

Building has many advantages. In addition to the lower costs, it is also a way to personalize the architecture of your home. The building models are nowadays design and modern. But the fact remains that some of them are cruelly lacking in originality. Building is the best way to make sure you have the house of your dreams. With the help of an architect, you decide on the location and design of each room, the size of the premises, the exposure to the sun and the exterior and interior structure of the house. Entrepreneurs only have to follow your instructions. And in the event of a problem, it will always be possible to correct mistakes, during the construction site, or at least before its delivery. Wooden or concrete house, with glass walls or a metal frame: you have control over the entire project.

Some details to know about the costs

But be careful, this kind of project is not something to be managed lightly. There are a few costs to consider before you start. We are talking about notary fees in particular. Whether it is the purchase of a turnkey building or bare land, you can't skip this step. Generally, individuals forget it quite quickly. And for good reason, real estate agencies include it in their commission fees. Depending on the price of your property, it is possible to negotiate notarial fees. The fees are about 2 to 3% of the price of your property. Other costs are added to the notary fees. Transfer duties, which represent 5.80% of the price of your land. To minimize your expenses, it is possible to use tax cuts. The allowances vary from one project to another. But a few pages of comparative quotes help you to understand the real benefits you can have. And for those looking for financing, banks offer very attractive rates. Be careful, another tax could be to ask about the profits from your resale. It will be necessary to be well informed on the subject before embarking on it. In some cases, an exemption is possible. Real estate is a long-term investment. Generally, it is necessary to allow time for assets to appreciate in value before making a sale. It is more frequent to see the owners and to propose a rental.